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Honoring and Celebrating Life

Updated: May 7, 2021

Today we're all about honoring and celebrating life.

Yesterday in the US it was the Memorial Day holiday, honoring those who served in the armed forces and lost their lives serving our country. I remember, as a kid, there was always a parade with marching bands and looking for my brothers who marched with the cub scouts. It is also considered the unofficial start of summer. I remember it signaling school would soon be out for vacation.

And since it's right around my birthday, usually a day or two after, I also have a strong association of Memorial Day as being part of my birthday. I often say that as a kid, I thought the parade was for me!

This year I am turning 65, and I am grateful for having the gift of life -- and I am clear it is a gift -- every day. In March, I did a talk for Speakers Who Dare about being visible and staying visible throughout a lifetime. Even though the focus is on Women, Aging, and Visibility, it is really for everyone. I share this video as my birthday gift to you.

May you honor and celebrate your life, no matter what age, and live it full out! #EverydayFengShui. It's all right here!

With love and blessings, Kate

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