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Meet Kate

Kate MacKinnon, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, combines the eastern practice of Feng Shui with a western aesthetic to create spaces of elegance and beauty that also transform lives.  

Prior to becoming a Feng Shui Expert, Kate had her own  management technology consulting business and was a Vice President for a large Fortune 100 financial services corporation. 

It was while she was in Hong Kong on a business trip at the end of 1999 that she discovered Feng Shui, or she would say, Feng Shui discovered her.  She returned home and in 2000 became trained in the school of Feng Shui as taught by Professor Lin Yun. 

Since 2001, Kate has successfully consulted for businesses and individuals, bringing the power and magic of Feng Shui to homes, offices, buildings and land – all over the country and, most recently, all over the world. 

Kate has also taught courses on Feng Shui at places such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, written several articles on Feng Shui, and been interviewed by thought leaders in the worlds of Speaking, Art, Spirituality, Women Empowerment, and Life Transitions, particularly transitioning from Corporate to being a Creative Entrepreneur.  She has also presented workshops as part of other programs. In 2014 Kate taught the first Feng Shui online course for the Integrative Institute of Nutrition with a particular focus on Health & Wellness. In 2016 Kate had the honor to present “Feng Shui 101” to the Global Real Estate Women’s Group at JPMorgan Chase.

Kate has always been an artist and has studied many art forms over the years including textile design, in particular, weaving and painting on silk.  ​

Her passion is working with people to bring beauty, grace and peace into their lives through the practical application of Feng Shui principles.  Everyday Feng Shui, it's all right here.

Kate's Mission

To build bridges and illuminate peoples' path to their Highest Good so that they live a life of Beauty, Grace, and Dignity and make a difference in the World

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