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Everyday Feng Shui

It's all right here

Often when people think of Feng Shui they think or talk about the elements: Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal.


Interestingly enough, Feng Shui in Chinese means “Wind Water”, the two most basic elements of life.  We all need air to breathe.  And without water, a person can live maybe a week (as compared to food where people can live several weeks to months).


“Wind Water” represents “Flow Balance”.  This is what we call life force or “chi” energy.


Through using the principles of Feng Shui, we create Harmony and Energy Flows, bringing Joy and Clarity to what we need to do. 


By creating a balance of the elements in our physical environment, we create emotional balance within.


When people feel off-balance in their home or any environment, including work, it is usually because there is something missing or out of balance.


The answers are in our environment but we often can’t see or don’t listen.  That’s where Feng Shui comes in.  Everyday Feng Shui, it’s all right here.

Feng Shui Consultations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone Feng Shui your home or work space? Or maybe you have already experienced it and are ready for the next level of fresh energy or life force (chi) infusion. 


Kate offers several options. To discover which best meets your needs, start with the Feng Shui Exploration Call:

Feng Shui Exploration Call

30 Minute Complimentary Session

Schedule your 30 Minute Feng Shui Exploration Call and together with Kate you will explore:

  • Your Vision for your home or workspace

  • What might be missing or could be enhanced

  • Next steps to achieving your Vision and beyond

Other Services for homes and businesses - existing space or build:

  • Feng Shui Analysis

  • VIP Consultations

  • Design and Decoration (color, furniture, decor)

  • Blessings & Clearings

Work with Kate

Discover how Feng Shui

can change your life

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