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Rachel Goldstein

Agent of Change

In June of 2012, the great astrologer Ophira Edut of AstroTwins recommended a Feng Shui specialist come to my apartment. In walked Kate MacKinnon, and the guidance my living space has always needed. She drew a map outlining how to maximize the different areas of my life: health, money, romance, family, business. 

Kate grounded me and rearranged my residential life, I have never felt such fluidity and happiness at home. Since Kate’s intervention, I’ve made tremendous progress in work, health, focus, and love. It’s almost like I can feel this new harmony within me! So much so that I recommended her to my mother, who recently moved into a new home herself. 

Kate has become a friend and a source of clarity. I just love her.  I cannot recommend her skill, energy, and knowledge enough; Kate has been a true agent of change for me. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is comfortably at peace.  Feng Shui was a leap into uncertainty for me, and I am truly thankful for all this art has provided.

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Ophira Edut

Owner of 7-figure brand, AstroTwins

The first time Kate came to my office, we did some serious re-arranging.  My garden apartment, which was one floor below the entryway, was difficult to find. Energetically this meant the most important thing was to make sure any client or check that came to my building could find me.  Within 24 hours after we worked together, a very large check was delivered to me at my door!  She also created an office for my husband’s bicycle business.  He was looking for a larger space outside of the city but we were able to create a showroom and office for him to work from in the apartment.  Three months later we found a house in upstate New York and moved to our dream town and home.


Elizabeth Stanley


Kate MacKinnon came to Feng Shui my home in 2017.  Her caring, warm spirit made me feel safe and motivated to dig deeply into all the things the Feng Shui adjustments illuminated.  When I met her she said, “Feng Shui is like acupuncture of the Soul.”  So true!  My home feels more different than ever before and I too feel I’m closer to a more fully authentic version of myself.

Since our work together, I love my home more than ever.  And, I am now working on a pre-Broadway show that has so much potential and great opportunity for expanding my creative/work life—a project I started JUST after our work together.  And, most recently I have been dating a wonderful man!  Feeling very abundant, and very grateful!


Leora Edut

Goddess on the Go

One day I woke up in my apartment feeling claustrophobic. When Kate arrived, we began with a cleansing decluttering.  She suggested only bringing in items that brought me great pleasure to be with.  When she left, my tiny one bedroom apartment felt spacious, welcoming, and energizing.  


Within five days, I got out of a romantic relationship that I couldn’t seem to shake, received an unexpected check for $10,000 and the creative juices were in overflow, with which I birthed Goddess on the Go. When Will and I reconnected 12 years later, I knew this was a soul relationship.  But my intuition said our romance was bound to fail if we didn’t move out of this apartment and into a quieter location with more space. I knew the first person I would be calling before we unpacked our boxes.  “Feng Shui Kate” came over and did her magic.  

This time we set the intention of family, as I was welcoming my honey and three bonus kids, who were becoming part of my life.  Three and a half weeks later, I discovered we had a new family member who would be joining us in nine months!

Kate has been a featured speaker at various Goddess on the Go events, most recently in April 2017


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