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Easy Feng Shui - 9 Tips

Create Balance with the help of Feng Shui strategies.   By following nine guidelines, your home is sure to reach a new level of harmony.


Agent of Change of the Month - Kate MacKinnon

“Home is where the heart is, that’s what they always say.”  Rachel Goldstein shares her experience of 12 apartments in 39 before experiencing fluidity and happiness in a new home, a new harmony within herself, and progress in work, health, focus and love, all as a result of the the guidance of Feng Shui with Kate MacKinnon.

Book Mentions


Miracle Now, Gabby Bernstein, #42: Respect Your Money and Your Money Will Respect You, Quote - “Feng shui expert Kate MacKinnon says, “Like everything in feng shui, the most important way to make space is to clear clutter.  Make sure your wallet is clear of clutter (paper, receipts, etc.) and organized.”​


Goddess on the Go, Leora Edut, “One day I woke up in my apartment feeling claustrophobic. When Kate arrived, we began with a cleansing decluttering.  She suggested only bringing in items that brought me great pleasure to be with.  When she left, my tiny one bedroom apartment felt spacious, welcoming, and energizing.  Within five days, I got out of a romantic relationship that I couldn’t seem to shake, received an unexpected check for $10,000 and the creative juices were in overflow, with which I birthed Goddess on the Go. When Will and I reconnected 12 years later, I knew this was a soul relationship.  But my intuition said our romance was bound to fail if we didn’t move out of this apartment and into a quieter location with more space. I knew the first person I would be calling before we unpacked our boxes.  “Feng Shui Kate” came over and did her magic.  This time we set the intention of family, as I was welcoming my honey and three bonus kids, who were becoming part of my life.  Three and a half weeks later, I discovered we had a new family member who would be joining us in nine months!​


101+ Secrets from Nutrition School:  That You Need to Know, Lynne Dorner, Secret 90, Create Your Space. "Kate MacKinnon, one of my teachers at IIN gave a beautiful lecture on Feng Shui.  

The purpose of feng shui is to bring positive energy into your life, and the best place to start is the home.  If you are interested in this ancient practice and want to learn more, you might consider bringing a specialist into your home to create your purposeful, loving space that will help you accomplish your goals, usually regarding love, money, power and health."

Read the book for two Feng Shui tips, and other Secrets!

Interviews, Podcasts, & Others


The Magic of Feng Shui

Discover how to create a magical space in your life with the practice of Feng Shui. Gabrielle talks with Feng shui expert Kate MacKinnon.

Feng Shui & Reducing Stress

Feng Shui & Reducing Stress, Integrative Institute of Nutrition Interview.  Katherine Royal MacKinnon shares information on feng shui, stress reduction, and the role our environment plays in our overall well-being

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Rock Your Story

Everybody has a story. Could you tell yours? . A couple of rock and rollers and a feng shui expert share theirs today. And I learn a lesson about keeping an open mind. Thanks for listening!

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