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Exposure to Feng Shui has opened me up to a whole new world of ideas. It makes so much sense that the energy contained in one's surroundings directly contributes to one's personal goals and outcomes.


Since consulting with Kate on the goal of enhancing our wealth and abundance, my husband's commissions in the first quarter of the year increased to three times what they were for the same time period the year prior. The reason for focusing on our wealth area was the influence it would have on other personal goals like buying a house.

Well, I am delighted to report that we will be moving into our new house in three weeks! The fact that we found a new house in an area where affordable new houses are hard to come by still amazes me; I directly attribute that fact to the Feng Shui consultation that Kate provided. Since speaking with Kate I have become more interested in Feng Shui. Kate has kindly lent me some reading materials that she thought I would find interesting and I definitely plan to incorporate Feng Shui elements into our new home! Basically, Feng Shui has enabled me to introspect and focus on my personal goals by creating manifestations of those goals in my surroundings.

To anyone who doubts the potency of Feng Shui I would ask that they try working with Kate, I am sure that they will be amazed at the level of clarity they are able to achieve! 


My own house had become a disaster in itself. I literally could get lost in my own place looking for paperwork or tools. It was very frustrating. In addition, it zapped a lot of my energy, being under such stress.

Since you have been here to help with some Feng Shui cures, my energy level has started to return. Although I have been back at my regular job, putting in insane hours, I have been able to stay on top just about all the work that needs to be done without feeling so drained.


One night last week, a friend had stopped by, as she walked through the front door of my house, the first words out of her mouth were " WHAT THE #@@#$%^&* DID YOU DO IN HERE? IT FEELS SOOOOOO DAMN GOOD!!!"


My house is finally starting to feel like a home. I have lived here for over six years and am now starting to feel comfortable. I look forward to having you back for some more help soon.


When I was first introduced to Feng Shui, I immediately wanted to run away.


I've never been one of those gifted people who seem to know how to arrange furniture, flowers, etc., and it seemed so complicated. The directions, the colors, etc. I read a very complicated book on it, and while I admired it as a science, it felt overwhelming.


Then, Kate came to our house for a consultation. I felt a big relief, and an opening. I saw a video about creating a sacred space with Denise Linn, and read "Clearing Your Clutter" and was instantly hooked. I have relieved my home of much personal clutter, and have used the principles of Feng Shui to enhance my kitchen and bedroom.


We are not done by any means, but I feel a lot of hope. Also it's important to note that it doesn't mean spending a lot of money. There are simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to free up energy. Kate has helped my husband and me immensely [using] Feng Shui to enhance our home, and thus our lives. —Cathy


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