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In Honor of Women's Month

On March 8 of this year, International Women's Day, I was invited by the ACRIA Center at GHMC (Gay Men's Health Crisis) in NYC to attend a meeting on "Aging Up and Ahead: Women Overcoming Challenges," specifically around health, where my TEDx talk on Women, Aging and Visibility was featured. What an honor to be invited and hear from the organizers "the participants are still raving over the impressive clip we presented." This was not only a dream come true, but it fulfilled the guiding rule of TED talks, which is "ideas worth spreading." And it was worth every step I took to bring it to fruition:

  • I first had the idea to do a TED talk in 2018, maybe even earlier.

  • In the fall of 2019, I came up with an idea, wrote a talk, and applied to various TEDx venues. One venue accepted it for the end of 2019, but I chose not to present it the evening before the event because I felt it was not the right venue for my talk. Heartbroken as I was, I made the right decision.

  • At the beginning of 2020, I continued to apply, and finally, TEDxFarmingdale accepted my application.

  • On October 10, 2020, I presented my TEDx talk via live stream. That day, I learned it not only resonated with women but people of all ages.

In April 2021, I received an email from Forbes 50 Over 50. "We are thrilled to tell you that you have been nominated for the inaugural Forbes/Know Your Value 50 Over 50 list, and a group of Forbes editors has determined that we'd like to learn a bit more about you." In the application, they went on to say: "The 50 Over 50 seeks to highlight significant achievements after 50. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment after you turned 50? Please include details such as your 'aha' moment and what fueled you to go for it." To which I replied: I'm 65 and fully visible. At 49, I was afraid of turning 50 and becoming invisible. Inspired by heroes like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Queen Elizabeth, and Jane Fonda, my aha moment and greatest achievement came writing and delivering a talk, which now lives on, to give voice to my experience on how our society deems women invisible after a certain age and this is something we can change now and forever so our younger sisters never feel this light go out. I, like my heroes, am a living example. At 49, I ran my first of six triathlons, at 54, I learned to surf, at 58, I married the love of my life, and at 65, I gave my first TEDx talk. Running my management technology consulting company for 12 years, I became Vice President of JP Morgan Chase at 50 before retiring at 62 to start Everyday Feng Shui. Featured in interviews, hosting courses and talks, and working with clients globally, this fulfills my mission of using Feng Shui and my experience to inspire all women to own their power and greatness and live a life of beauty, grace, dignity, and impact, at any age. Though I did not make the next round, I felt like an Academy Award nominee winner! But what was most moving by sharing this talk with the women of GHMC is I am truly fulfilling my mission. I invite you to watch my TED talk, and please click "Like" and comment and share it with your loved ones. And, of course, I'd love to hear from you directly about if or how any of this resonates with you.

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