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Feng Shui can change your life.

I recently received the following message on Instagram, as if by magic, from a client with whom we worked together at the end of 2019:

"Hi, Kate! I had the pleasure of working with you a few years ago. You helped me redo my office at a very difficult job. I am glad to say that I left that job as you predicted and I am on to new things. I still use all the feng shui knowledge I learned from you. Thank you for introducing me to Gay Hendricks, 'The Corporate Mystic.' His work has helped lead me on living more of my purpose. I hope you are well." Stacy C. As a result of redoing Stacy's office and the mentorship work we did together on leadership, she was able to:

  • See things that were hidden from her view

  • Leave a job that was untenable for one better suited to her desires and goals

  • Grow as a leader, doing "soul-satisfying work in a way that empowers, heals and profits"*

  • Lead a life more in alignment with her true purpose

  • Successfully use the feng shui she learned from working together on her own home!

I was reminded that our work with Feng Shui is deeply transformational. It changes lives, and it is not about decorating (though we love creating beautiful spaces!).

If you are interested in learning more about Feng Shu and discovering how it might best serve your needs, schedule a 30-minute complimentary call.We'll explore your vision for your home or workspace and the steps to achieving your vision and beyond.

I offer several packages, including:

  • Power Hour: One room, one hour

  • Full Home VIP Package

  • Design Your Own Package (including building and renovations)

Everyday Feng Shui. It's all right here!

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