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What Does It Mean When Black Smoke is Coming From the Chimney?

Today we're all about fixing things. It's not what people usually think about when they hear "Feng Shui," but at its core, Feng Shui is very practical. It is essential to have everything working correctly--plumbing, electricity, heat, stove, appliance, and lighting.

Two weekends ago, my husband and I planted our first flowers, herbs, and vegetables, spruced up our terrace and patio furniture. We decided it was the perfect evening to have dinner outside. Chicken on the grill, beautiful evening, the sun was still warm, the smell of spring was in the air, and things were feeling hopeful and possibly back to normal.

I sat down at the table when it was time to eat, facing so I could see our house and yard. I watched our cat climb to the roof and saw black smoke coming out of the chimney. I asked my husband, "why is there black smoke if we are not using our fireplace?" He replied, "that's from the oil burner," and then had a jolt--it meant the water heater was off--and he jumped up to investigate. Our water heater had just died, and water was starting to leak onto our kitchen floor. Thank goodness I saw the smoke. It was a signal something was wrong! It could have been a disaster. Instead, within 36 hours, we had a new water heater installed.

What we discovered is there were several issues related to the water heater that we didn't realize were connected. The water pressure in our shower was low, it took a while for the hot water to heat up, and we had a leak in our kitchen faucet that was related to the water heater, as well as a dripping faucet.

Why does any of this matter? Of course, we want things to work correctly. No question. And there could have been tremendous damage to our first floor if the 32 gallons of water in the tank had leaked. And yet sometimes we put up with things that we think are little and don't think about how they are impacting us physically or energetically, like the leaking faucet or the low pressure in the shower. As a Feng Shui expert, even I sometimes put up with things, even though I know better. In Feng Shui, leaks in the plumbing cause a severe drain of life force or "chi" energy from our homes. Moving water symbolizes the flow of prosperity and love in our life, so we definitely want our plumbing to be working correctly--flowing, not draining!

As we spend time at home, it's a good time to check our plumbing to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed or repaired. Is there anything you have been putting up with that might be impacting you? What might it be? And if you repair it, I'd love to know the results! #EverydayFengshui. It's all right here!

With love and blessings, Kate

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