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How Austin Proper Hotel Does Feng Shui Right

This year I treated myself to a year-long Luxe Mastermind led by Emily Wiliams with six other amazing women for a year of mindset, and high-performance expertise, inspiration, and support, as I expand myself and my business. We kicked off the year with a 3-day retreat in Austin, TX. There were so many things to love during our time there. Not having been to Austin before, I was amazed by how cool it really is. The food, the music, the people, the ambiance, and the vibe. It's a growing city! I was most jazzed about the different hotels we stayed in, had our retreat, and celebrated our final evening with a delicious dinner. Like the city, they were vital and alive. One of my favorites was the Proper Hotel Austin. Whether they consciously use Feng Shui or not, they do it right! The energy is so inviting, for starters, beginning right at the entrance and the people who greet you. The flow brings you right into a beautiful, expansive foyer where you can go to check-in on the right or go left to a lovely seating area to meet people or sit quietly. Order a coffee or drink. Luxuriate. The colors and textures generate positive energy and a great sense of peace. And visually, there is so much to look at without seeming busy or too much. The result says, "welcome, you have arrived at an extraordinary place." This is a work of love and art. You can feel the harmony and the balance and flow of positive energy in everything they do. From a decor and placement perspective, here are my five favorites:

  • Mixing and matching colors and textures, like the private dining room where we met each day (photo above). I could eat it up!

  • Using different design styles. I like things to be eclectic and not limited to one style or period, so this jazzes me!

  • Wallpaper on the ceiling in the sitting room. There is a surprise on every ceiling that makes it pop and fun to look at!

  • Carpeting on the stairs, but not how we usually see it. Again, mixing and matching.

  • Original artwork everywhere creates such a personal, unique touch for any place.

What I experience by stepping into a beautiful and enlivening space is an expansion on both the outside and inside. Which is what our retreat was all about. This is an essential element when thinking about Feng Shui. Whether our homes or places we visit, we are very much affected by space. When choosing where we want to go, I always recommend sites with environments that energize and expand us, make us feel more alive.

Interestingly, after the retreat, I found an article in Architectural Digest -5 Trends We Can't Wait to Steal From the Austin Proper Hotel.I couldn't agree more! Steal away!

* * * *

What places do you love to visit or stay at? Do they jazz you or make you feel expansive? How can you apply some of these elements to your home or office? As always, I love to hear from you.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use Feng Shui in your space, feel free to set up a complimentary call to explore what that might look like for you.

Everyday Feng Shui! It's all right here!

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