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Banker by Day, Feng Shui at Night

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I remember when I first started doing Feng Shui. No one in my crowd knew what it was or how to say it, but they were always fascinated. At parties when people asked me what I did for a living I talked about working for a bank, and I could see I was putting them to sleep. No exaggeration! When I mentioned I did Feng Shui, they immediately perked up and became very interested.

I quickly caught on and started to say I am a Banker by day and a Feng Shui Consultant by night.

I did a Feng Shui consultation for Author/Speaker, Gabby Bernstein. In the end, she said to me [and I paraphrase]: “Never apologize for working for a Bank. The world needs you at this time. People need someone who understands finance and banking, and brings that to their Feng Shui practice.” She was right. I bring business expertise to my Feng Shui practice which grounds the work I do in practical, applicable ways and produces results.

Case in point

In the same year, I was called by a Commercial Real Estate broker to help him with his office. He was frustrated because his desk faced the doorway and all the maintenance and delivery people were coming directly to his desk instead of going to his business partner who owned the building. He wanted to know how to seamlessly redirect the building people to his partner’s desk without ever saying a word while at the same time attract the deal makers to his desk. He and his business partner were trying to sell two buildings, and all the deals to that point had fallen through or been blocked.

What we did

We cleared the entryway to the office which was blocked by a large filing cabinet, artfully added plants which served as a screen and created a flow which directed the maintenance and delivery people to his partner’s desk with ease. We also organized my client’s desk to invite the deal makers to his desk and protect it from attracting any negative energy.

The results

Shortly after our consultation, a developer he had been working with had a new opportunity that started with the purchase of the two buildings and evolved into the assemblage of a New York City block, the deal of a lifetime. Later we used Feng Shui principles to correct the new design of one of the two buildings so that the deal would complete on time with no conflicts or lawsuits.

When my client is asked, “Do you believe in Feng Shui?”, he says: "When all the deals were blocked or did not come to fruition until after we re-arranged the space, it’s hard for me not believe it in Feng Shui. The proof is in the pudding. There is no denying it." I’ll take it!

* * * * *

As I transition from my Corporate life to my new business, I will be upgrading my home office space and sharing that with you as a series on using Feng Shui to create or enhance your work environment or studio. It will be fun, informative, and rewarding. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Until next time, sending peace, love and many blessings, Kate

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Leon Wolfoak
Leon Wolfoak
24 oct. 2019

beautifull content , feng shui is growing up day after day .

you can see all the news about feng shui here :

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