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Feng Shui Works

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

In exploring Feng Shui, I learned that our space could be an invisible source of stress and overwhelm. Papers, clutter, never having enough storage, never knowing where to put those things we never use but can’t let go. Putting them in a closet, drawer, basement, under the bed. Keeping those things because someone gave it to us even if we never wanted it. Or maybe our place is beautiful but doesn’t feel quite right.

All these things hold hidden energy.

This, in turn, compounds the inner stress we carry without even knowing it. We never understand why we don’t like that room that corner, avoid going to certain places, use only a portion of our home. We contort ourselves like a pretzel to fit into our space. Something doesn’t feel right, but we are not sure what it is.

What happens is we feel like we are being taken for a ride we didn’t sign up for with blind spots hidden in plain view. And of course, we don’t even know where to begin.

Case in point

My dear friend Maureen was in this state when she asked me to look at her home office. She is the mother of four children -- at the time three teenage boys at home and a daughter in college. Her husband was between jobs— on "garden leave" for several months, being paid by his current employer but eager to start working at his new place of employment.

She and her family had recently moved from one gorgeous home to another. The home office in her previous home had a built-in desk and console and was spacious, the office in her new home was smaller and needed to be completely furnished.

Maureen is a woman of exquisite taste. In her new office, she had a beautiful antique desk with a leather inlay, a side table from an antique fair in London, and a very comfortable office chair. The family computer and printer were on her desk, which her sons used for their schoolwork, often taking over her desk. Beautiful but none of it felt comfortable or entirely right.

What we did

  • Re-arranged the desk to put Maureen in the “commanding” position of the room, empowering her in her office and home.

  • Placed a beautiful gilded mirror to expand the size of the room both visually and in feeling.

  • Cleared the clutter creating order and peace.

  • Placed a large, green, healthy plant and a pot in the wealth and prosperity "corner," choosing both plant and pot color to enhance that area in their life.

The results

When Maureen was finished, each son came into the office. Her youngest son said, “Mom, I love the plant!”. Her next oldest son sat down at the desk to use the computer, and said, “Mom, it feels so good in here.” Her oldest son then echoed this. Last but not least, the family dog came in and lay down under the desk -- she had never been in the office before. Now, this is flow and harmony. Animals know!

Several days later Maureen called to say, “As soon as I placed the plant and pot in the wealth corner, I got a call from my husband’s future employer wanting him to come to work next week!” You can’t make this stuff up! This is the magic of Feng Shui.

* * * * *

Are there areas in your office or home that don't feel comfortable or right? Are you feeling overwhelmed, blocked and not sure what to do first? The best place to start is to clear the clutter.

Keep it simple. Pick a room or corner as a starting point. Start clearing one drawer, shelf or box at a time. As you pick up things ask yourself, "Do I still like or need this?" If the answer is no, let it go. This allows new energy to flow into your space and creates a sense of balance and peace. It’s a great way to start the New Year — ringing out old, bringing in the new.

* * * * *

Until next time, sending peace, love and many blessings, Kate

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