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How to create a lasting legacy:

If you are like me and have ever felt you have a message you would like to share with a broader audience or want to gain visibility and recognition and didn't know where to begin, I have an amazing opportunity to share with you -- one that changed my life over two years ago. Tricia Brouk, my friend, and mentor, an award-winning director, author, and producer, is offering a two-day virtual masterclass, The Art of The Big Talk: Stepping into The Red Circle, on February 16th, 11 am-4:30 pm and the 17th, 11 am-3:30 pm EST.

During this two-day virtual masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your "Big Idea"

  • Write application content based on your idea

  • Apply to events so that you can apply over and over again without having to reinvent the wheel each time

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Increase your confidence

  • Effectively communicate your big idea for global impact

  • Move from being a good speaker to being a great speaker

This event is now over, but feel free to sign up here for future opportunities! If it sounds like something for you, definitely click HERE to learn more about it or claim your spot for only $47.

Tricia has put over 60 speakers onto countless TEDx stages in under four years, and many of them are on If this is your goal, I cannot recommend her enough!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I would be happy to share more about my experience with you.

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