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My Gift to You

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” ~ Mark Twain

Over the years I've learned in Feng Shui the three areas of life most people are interested in focusing on are Love, Money, and Health. I like to think of all of these in terms of Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity. As my gift to you, I'd like to share a few of my top Feng Shui tips for each.

Love - Your Bed Your bed is one of the Feng Shui pillars essential to your health and prosperity. Getting a good night’s sleep translates into being better able to work and generate income.

  • Investing in a good frame and mattress is worth saving up for.

  • A solid wood bed frame with a headboard attached to the frame ensures you are getting rest and feeling supported.

  • A queen bed and mattress is the ideal size.

For Valentine's Day or anytime, scented candles are always nice. And for those who want to bring in a little love energy, place two beautiful roses in a vase by your bed (and when they dry up, remove and replace them with fresh flowers or a plant, like an orchid).

Money - Your Workspace

Your workspace is directly related to generating wealth and prosperity. To create ​empowerment and a sense of confidence and security, where you work and how you sit are key.

  • Your desk and computer face the main door, but not directly opposite it, so you can see who is entering.

  • A solid wall behind your desk and chair, and not a window

  • A chair that is the proper height and a solid back to ensure proper support, both physically and psychologically.

Health - Your Stove Your stove is also one of the Feng Shui pillars essential to your health and prosperity. It represents nourishment and well-being and symbolizes the ability to feed friends and family -- the more people you feed, the more prosperous you are.

  • Make sure all burners works and the oven pilot works. Even if you don't use all your burners, turn them on from time to time, or rotate using them.

  • Keep your stove and oven clean for good health. A dirty stove can make you tired and impact your ability to earn money.

Easy! Everyday Feng Shui. It's all right here. As always, I love to hear your thoughts and experience with any of these. With love and blessings, Kate

* * * * * * If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui or work with me, pop onto my calendar ** If you are interested in taking a class and getting more information about your bedroom, workspace, or kitchen, and more, check out my webinar with the AstroTwins, Home Reset.


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