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Our Homes Are More Important Than Ever

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Last week I drove from Long Island into New York City with the sun shining brightly. I had the sense of being a spelunker coming out of my cave after a very long winter and the bright sun hurting my eyes because I was used to seeing it so fully for such a long time, and everything feels just a little surreal. Being cautiously optimistic that we may have turned a corner, I allowed myself to think it may be possible to return to a more normal life than we have been living since early last year.

This past year with the pandemic and shut down, our homes have been more important than ever. With everyone spending more time at home, all together, working, going to school combined with living, there has been a huge need to help people bring balance and flow to their living space to reduce the stress in their day to day living, create a space in their homes for one or more family members to work plus the kids to go to school and ultimately where everyone can be productive and effective, and live in harmony. As a result, many of us have been living in overwhelm and trying to find a new way to live, work and co-exist in this new environment. As a Feng Shui expert and practitioner, this has been an important year helping people find the balance and flow in their homes and businesses, reduce their outer and inner stress despite all the challenges, and create a newfound sense of peace, productivity, and joy in their homes and lives. It has also been an important year helping people work from home. What I (and many others) have learned is:

  • Working from home in this new environment is possible, and for many, it will continue to be necessary going forward.

  • It's never been more important for many of us to have a proper set-up to do this successfully.

  • We are redefining what it means to have a work/life balance, whatever you do, wherever you work, and it starts with balancing our life at home to work.

  • Creating a home environment to support our livelihood wherever we work is essential for our mental, emotional, physical, and financial health and well-being is essential.

Have you found this to be true for you as well?

For those who I am new to or are not familiar with what I do, allow me to introduce what I offer and how I serve my clients:

  • Feng Shui Analysis & Design consulting services for homes and businesses. Working primarily one-on-one, this can include working with families and teams. Depending on the need, the focus can be on an existing home or building, designing or renovating a home or building, or helping sell a home or building. Some clients need help setting up their workspace from home, particularly people with their own business and employees of large corporations.

  • Personalize one-on-one mentorship program. Often while working with clients doing one-on-one consulting, they need additional support for life and career transitions. Together we create a tailored three-month program to support them in what's next for them in their life.

  • Speaking. Giving talks or training for corporations and small businesses to educate their employees, clients, or students on how to be more effective and prosperous and improve their health & wellness. I've worked with the Hospital for Special Surgery, JPMorgan Chase, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Mphasis.

Over the last year alone, I've seen the power of this work. I've witnessed:

  • A marriage on the brink of divorce healed.

  • A family agreeing their home was not for them, selling their home in less than two days and moving to their dream house.

  • The transformation of a home office of a speaker, author, podcast host, and leadership coach, aligning their space with who they are and bringing them joy, focus, and increased productivity and creativity.

If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui or work with me, schedule time on my calendar for a free 30-minute exploration call.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts and how this year has impacted you.

With love and blessings,


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