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Free Webinar! Year of the Metal Ox

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

This event has now ended, but I invite you to stay tuned for future events by subscribing to my newsletter. You can also check out my course, Home Reset, created with the AstroTwins, here.

When we think of Feng Shui, we usually talk about its principles and wisdom through our space or home environments. However, an equally important part of Feng Shui relates to our spirit and personal energy. We are born with these energies, which are determined by our birth year. They can be seen through the mirror of the Chinese Zodiac, with each year characterized by one of twelve animals in the Zodiac. This year the Lunar New Year starts on Friday, February 12, with the Metal Ox taking the helm from the Metal Rat. We are saying hello to the hardworking, tenacious Ox and goodbye to the shrewd, anxious Rat! To learn more about what this means for you and your year, please join Ophi Edut of the AstroTwins and me for a FREE live webinar and Q&A session on the Lunar New Year! Or for more information see below. With love and blessings, Kate

Free Webinar! Year of the Metal Ox Your 2021 Lunar Year Forecast

Wednesday, February 10 * 7-9 pm

You'll learn:

  • What your Chinese zodiac Animal Archetype means

  • How each Animal Archetype will fare in the Metal Ox year

  • 5 Element Astrology: Learn how your element (metal, water, wood, fire, or earth) will fare in a Metal-ruled year

  • What the “lunisolar” calendar is, and how it’s been used for the Chinese zodiac, Hebrew calendar, and many other cultures

  • The role of lucky Jupiter in your Chinese horoscope and how to tap into its abundance

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