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Gathering with Those You Love Over Passover and Easter

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

As many people are preparing to celebrate Passover or Easter this week and next, it is a time for all of us to pause and reflect about gathering with our friends and family and how we can do that at a time when the world is homebound. Already many people who have never used any kind of technology, social media, or video conferencing are finding it helps people and communities gather and stay connected! Whether you choose to use FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or an old fashioned phone call, you get to redesign how you come together. With intention - it's everything. Intentionally gather around the kitchen or dining room table during the meal, or before or after in your family room. There is something so special to be able to see your loved ones in their home environment, and all together. And even possibly having more people sitting around your table or in your living room than you usually do. Pull up a chair, give your computer a seat at your dining or coffee table! For me, both Easter and Passover have always heralded the beginning of Spring. In Feng Shui, Spring is about Family and a time of New Beginnings. This time of year is about rebirth and renewal of the earth, trees, flowers, and of our bodies, spirit, and connection. As you sit around your kitchen or dining room table or in the living room, take a moment to hold in your heart those who are no longer with us or who are still sick and say a prayer. And express gratitude for the people who are in your life and all the many things you do have. I am sending you and your family many blessings for peace this time of year.

With love, Kate

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