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How Feng Shui Supports Peak Performance

Updated: May 7, 2021

"Being a great speaker is like being a great athlete." Tricia Brouk

As a former triathlete, training for speaking on the TEDxFarmingdale stage on October 10 is like training for the New York City Triathlon. Both require the same level of commitment to peak performance, and both take the same kind of practice for results. The kind that happens over weeks and months -- no cramming here! Practice is about developing muscle memory and training the mind -- the kind of muscle memory where we don't have to think about what our body is doing on race or talk day. Our mind is a trickster we have to be aware of and become friends with and learn where we may have pitfalls of fear or moments where the synapses misfire or go blank. These things can take us out of our performance in the same way we can beat ourselves in sports. But with practice, we know what to do if they show up. A crucial part of practicing is also food and hydration. What and how we eat to fuel ourselves during practice and how much water we drink is what we use during a race. Once we find what works for us, there are no changes. Race day or performance day becomes another day of practice. Finally, getting rest is as essential as practicing, if not more so. Our bodies and mind need time to recover, requiring more sleep at night and rest during the day. Even sometimes just putting our feet up. How does Feng Shui support the energy in preparation for speaking or any peak performance? The first thing is creating an environment that enhances ease and flow and reduces stress. Free your mind by clearing the clutter in your space where you practice and work. Have a set place where you keep your equipment or tools of the trade and keep them organized. Make sure everything is in working order. The less you have to think about your space and the things you need for training and performance day, the more you can focus on performance and success. Most important is taking care of your health and well-being ongoing. Health is the center of everything we do. Without health, we have nothing. The two most essential areas in our home that support health are the kitchen and the bedroom. Your kitchen is where you nurture yourself and generate energy by the food you prepare and eat. Your bedroom is a place of rest and restoration. Make sure they are both clean and clear of clutter, and that everything is in working order, especially your stove and bed. Like any personal goal or vision worth working towards, it takes a commitment of time and effort to practice, and the care of your inner and outer well-being and space for peak performance. Feel free to share any insights or results you have as you think about a goal towards which you have worked or are working for. I would love to hear from you! Everyday Feng Shui. It's all right here. With love and blessings, Kate * If you would like to learn more or work with me, pop onto my calendar


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