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Everyday Feng Shui - I Created It Specifically For You

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone Feng Shui your home or workspace? Today I am going to talk a little bit about Feng Shui, why I do it, what I offer, and share an experience of what it looks like when working together. Many people have heard of Feng Shui and have some idea of what they think it is about, such as where you place your bed or which direction you should face. But what is it exactly?

  • Feng Shui ("fung schway") is an ancient Chinese art and science of placement used to create harmony and the balance of the flow of positive energy in our environment.

  • It literally means Wind Water, which represents Flow Balance, what we call the life force of "chi" energy.

  • It has been around for thousands of years, starting with the first homes and farms to select land abundant in water, light, food, and all the things to sustain and support life and provide protection and safety.

On a practical level, we might just be arranging the place of our home, but it goes deeper than you can imagine. Who you are and the choices you make will have a direct effect on you because your home reflects who you are.

"One's home is a symbolic mirror of one's inner self, of unconscious wishes and emotions." ~Carl Jung

When people feel off-balance in their home or any environment, there is usually something missing or out of balance in the space. By using the wisdom of Feng Shui to balance the elements in our physical environment, we create emotional balance within. On a deep level, we are creating balance, harmony, and flow, which removes stress, promotes health and creates true peace.

The thing that we are really looking for is a sense of inner peace. If you think about it, the world needs peace now more than ever. By creating peace in our environment, we create peace within ourselves, and ultimately peace in the world. As Paramahansa Yogananda says, "Peace within, peace without, peace everywhere." This is why I do what I do. By using the practical tools of Feng Shui and making them accessible to others by what I call Everyday Feng Shui, I work with people to create peace and abundance in their lives by transforming their spaces, conversations, and thinking. And help them step into their power and greatness to make a difference in the world—one space and one person at a time. I do this is by offering :

  • Feng Shui analysis and design services, which includes:

    • One-on-one consulting services for homes and businesses

      • Entire home

      • Businesses

      • New construction, homes, and office spaces from planning stages through development

      • Workspaces in homes and businesses

      • Backgrounds for virtual meetings

    • Plants and gardens

    • Blessings and clearings

  • Speaking as a Feng Shui Expert for events, large and small, including teaching classes for businesses, masterminds, and online memberships groups

Here's what one client shared about her experience when working together:

"I want to sincerely thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with me, you are not only a brilliant advisor, you are a mentor, a role model, and a friend.

"Your ability to see straight into someone's true potential, that je ne sais quoi; is to then find the most invisible tiny sliver of strings in their being and every so gently pull, it not only transforms spaces, and circumstances, relationships, even the way we view ourselves. Working with you has been more than a lovely home where everyone feels welcome, it is confidence, peace and comfort and ease to be who you are at your core.

"Although, I really do love it when people what into my home and their jaws drop and comment how good it feels. Because it does feel good, everyday day."

Nicole Devore

Senior Director, Government Affairs

Washington, DC

If interested in learning more about what best meets your needs, start with a Feng Shui Exploration Call, a 30-minute complimentary session. Schedule your call here and explore:

  • Your vision for your home or workspace

  • What might be missing or could be enhanced

  • Next steps to achieving your vision and beyond

Everyday Feng Shui, it's all right here! As always, I love to hear what thoughts or questions you may have.


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