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Less Is More

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

One of my favorite expressions is "Less is More." This is why I am so excited to share a course that I think might be of interest to you. It's called the LESS Method and taught by my friend and colleague, Rose Lounsbury, a former teacher turned expert in reducing clutter and living with less after she had triplets. On her family's first Christmas holiday, while visiting relatives, Rose's three children received more things than they could ever want, use or need. As a result, Rose went on a mission to discover how to live with less stuff, reduce stress, and have more time for herself.

Her search led her to create the TED talk, "How Many Towels Do You Need?" What she ultimately was looking for was how to simplify things, and better organize what she had. She learned you could live with a lot less than you think, and indeed what society tells us. After eight months of applying her approach, she let go of 70% of her possessions and found free time, clarity, and peace of mind both at home and work. She turned this method into a business, wrote a book, and created the course after years of doing this for other people, the LESS Method.

Whether you are single, married, retired, working 9-5, working from your kitchen table, or wrangling four kids under age four, the LESS Method is designed to help you create open, peaceful spaces in all areas of your life.

If you want to declutter your home before Thanksgiving, check out Rose's 6-week decluttering course, which starts October 10, by clicking here for the Fall 2021 LESS Method LIVE course.

This event has now ended, but I invite you to stay tuned for future events by subscribing to my newsletter.

This is my early Thanksgiving gift to you!

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