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Speakers Who Dare

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

On Tuesday, March 24, I have the honor to join 21 other incredible Speakers and Broadway Performers for an event not to be missed, Speakers Who Dare. How do I know it is not to be missed? I attended the premiere event last year and was WOWED!

When I was chosen to be a Speaker Who Dares, I was thrilled to be part of a one of a kind event dedicated to shining a spotlight on bold ideas.

This year I get to be even more daring than I ever imagined—and so do you —because the show, originally scheduled to be a live performance in a theater, is going LIVESTREAM! Due to the shutdown of all theaters in New York City, we’re swapping the stage in the Triad Theater for the world stage, and live streaming a 2-½ hour movie of our inspirational talks and performances produced by Tricia Brouk, the amazing award-winning filmmaker, former Executive Producer of TEDx Lincoln Square, and Visionary behind Speakers Who Dare.

All of the bold ideas. All of the passion and humor. All of the honesty and questioning and camaraderie. All in one event that we can watch together live on March 24 at 10 am EDT. Twenty-two speakers for only $22! And for those who can't make showtime, your ticket will allow you to watch it whenever it’s convenient for you.

This event has now ended, but I invite you to stay tuned for future events by subscribing to my newsletter.

Here is the link to Register. I hope you can join us. And please feel free to share this link with your communities.

In a world full of borders and travel bans, Speakers Who Dare has asked me to be brave enough to let go of my original dream of standing in front of an audience of 130, and to dream bigger. I am inviting you to dream with me and be a part of the global change that happens when people around the world tune in to a shared experience of what unites and inspires us.

Be daring and take action in those areas that are important to you! And if you have any insights or results from watching, please share! I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the show!

Love, Kate

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