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The BIG Pause

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I don't know about you, but this year has been about pausing, what I call the BIG pause, and in this time of so much change and many challenges, stepping back and thinking about what's important. My number one priority has been taking care of my health and well-being and those I love, as well as care for all the people around me that I don't know but love as my fellow human beings.

This summer, my husband and I rented out our home for six weeks and in turn rented a place in the Berkshires, MA, a place we love where we get filled up with music, the arts, nature, a visit with family -- some people we haven't seen in two years -- rest, and good food (OK, the best ice cream, SoCo!) I planned to take three of the six weeks off, and the three weeks off became six weeks and ended up being the entire summer. I haven't taken off a full summer since I was 15 when I started working in the summer. Technically I retired from my corporate job in the fall of 2017, but I transitioned into building my Feng Shui business and didn't know until I really stopped how much I needed to unwind, let go, and recharge. In that pause, I felt and thought about things I have not had the psychic space to get to. Just like our homes, our minds and spirit get cluttered, causing stress and feelings of blockage, and we need time and space to pause, reflect, assess, and clear out our inner state to create a sense of balance and flow in our well-being. So like the summers of old, where Labor Day feels like the beginning of the new year, I am back from my hiatus, refreshed, and ready to get back to work. But in a new way. Balancing my health, home, and work, by taking the time to get enough sleep, exercise, and eat well -- the basics -- with caring for my home, which takes care of me and allows me to work and be of service. I have a lot to share in the coming weeks and look forward to it! To give you a few highlights:

  • What happens when a Feng Shui expert rents an Airbnb that is a true Feng Shui challenge

  • Talking about Feng Shui in the Work/Home Office (Hybrid)

  • Discovering the Greenbrier Hotel and Dorothy Draper -- Feng Shui meets decorating

  • Sharing one of my new favorite Home Decor designers

  • Presenting at Feng Shui Summit, October 23 & 24 (This event has ended.)

I would love to hear about your summer and what you are interested in learning more about or any questions you may have. Just hit reply, and I will respond directly to you!

Everyday Feng Shui. It's all right here. We can do together what we can not do alone.

With love and blessings,



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