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You Have the Power to Thrive

Updated: May 7, 2021

Today we're all about thriving.

Yesterday our house got power back after being without for eight days. Leading up to Storm Isaias, we thought about what provisions we needed to be safe. Enough food for several days? Batteries for our flashlight? Check. When the storm hit, we lost our power in short order. When it was over, there were several trees down in our neighborhood that took the power lines with them. We knew it would be days before we got our power back.

How to live without electrical power? How to adapt when there are no lights, hot water, cell phone service, or technology? How long can food last when the refrigerator is no longer cold? We've become a world dependent on electrical power, especially so during COVID-19.

Without power, we started going out more because we had to. I discovered Panera Bread as a great home away from home to work, complete with outlets and meals, along with many other people doing the same thing, my new workmates. I was impressed with how Panera was set up with proper social distancing for ordering and picking up food, tables, and booths marked as either available to be used or not to maintain a proper distance and regular cleaning of all the surfaces.

Feng Shui is the art and science of designing balanced environments in harmony with the flow of positive energy. What I saw at Panera was how they adjusted the flow of their business and space to adapt to the world as it exists today, putting in place systems and processes to take care of their associates, customers, and communities, and be in business with a "focus on serving you safely," including a drive-through and pick-up service. And community outreach programs to provide meals to those facing food scarcity during this global health crisis.

When I think about life today in terms of thriving, and how Feng Shui can best serve us in our homes and offices today, it's about how to use our space to create a flow that supports us where we are today. It's about adapting to what is instead of force-fitting into an old way of doing something—the old proverbial pretzel.

It can be something as simple as throwing out or giving away those things you no longer use. Clearing surfaces, drawers, closets, and corners of a room. Streamlining what you have. By freeing up space, you can create a sense of peace and ease and reduce stress. With people working from home, whether using an office or shared space, it is the perfect time to rethink how you are set-up to work, and how to arrange your space and desk to be more productive and prosperous, and thrive. For Feng Shui tips, check out this fun podcast with Nikki Nash where we talk about things you can do to transform your workspace.

Everyday Feng Shui. It's all right here.

Please feel free to share any insights or results you have about adapting and thriving. I would love to hear from you!

With love and blessings, Kate

* If you would like to learn more or work with me, pop onto my calendar.

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