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Introducing someone who cares deeply about your voice.

I am super excited to introduce you to my dear friend and mentor, Tricia Brouk, who is on a mission to serve humanity by teaching people how to become effective and dignified communicators.

If you aren't familiar with her work, she's an award-winning director with almost three decades in show business in New York City, working in film, television, and theater. Tricia was the Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare for two years, moved on to produce her event, Speakers Who Dare and curated the Speaker Salon in NYC. In this program, she puts speakers onto a stage for six weeks. It culminates in a showcase for TEDx organizers, Speaker Bureaus, television producers, publishers, and agents. In only six weeks!

Tricia and her work are epic. I know because she has been hugely influential in my life. I went from never having been on stage to a three-time alum of Speaker Salon. I did her first two-day Masterclass, The Art of The Big Talk: Stepping into The Red Circle, to formulate my idea for a TEDx-like talk which became my talk, Women, Aging, and Visibility, which I presented on the virtual stage of TEDxFarmingdale in October 2020. That talk now lives on In January 2021, I present a talk for The Big Talk Academy on Feng Shui. The Big Talk Academy is a virtual 12-week certification program where Tricia takes speakers through the mining period, excavating for ideas. Then you learn the technique to write your big talk. And she teaches you how to pitch organizers too. You also get access to her via two group calls a month, AND she curates a virtual showcase, which means you could have an opportunity for direction from her in real-time on your delivery and content.

I'll be sharing more details about The MasterClass and The Big Talk Academy over the next couple of days. I'm an affiliate for these programs because I know firsthand how powerful her work is. I have witnessed people go through her programs becoming outstanding speakers, many going on to speak at places like United Nations. One of the bonuses is Tricia and her work attracts people from all over the world, including places like Ghana, Kuala Lumpur, Sweden, The Philippines, Singapore, the U.K., and all over the U.S. The Big Talk Academy creates a global community of powerful inclusive speakers. I look forward to sharing more and as always, I love hearing from you if you have thoughts or questions.

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