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9 Easy Feng Shui Gift Ideas - Day 1

As we think about the spirit of giving over the holiday season, there are many ways to give. Last week, I discussed reducing stress during the holiday with 12 days of decluttering and giving away things. Followed by #Giving Tuesday, giving to a charity that fills us spiritually. Today, I thought it would be fun to kick off sharing 9 Days of Easy Feng Shui Gift Ideas with you over the next several weeks. In Feng Shui, we use a compass called a Bagua (bah-gwah), divided into 9 areas of life that correspond to specific areas in your home or space. Typically, we use it to analyze how the areas of your space are impacting the corresponding areas of your life. And based on the analysis, we determine how to energize the areas.

Note: To use the Bagua and apply it to your space (room or floor), the entrance is always along the side of the Knowledge/Career/Travel areas, and you are facing the side with Wealth/Fame/Relationships areas.

I use the Bagua in my day-to-day life in many different ways, including selecting gifts. I will share my favorite gifts based on each of the areas of life and share a little about the area, its meaning, the associated color, and its element. Today, a great place to start is the area we call Family, which is about your immediate and extended family and can include your friends and other communities you are part of. On the Bagua, the Family is in the center-left, the color is green, and the element is wood. My favorite gift ideas for Family are:

  • Picture frames - made of natural or stained wood preferred but can be painted green, and, if you have a favorite photo of the person you are gifting, including in the frame

  • Notecards - in this day and age of digital, it is still lovely to receive in your mailbox a handwritten note from someone near and dear to your heart, especially if your mail is primarily bills and advertisements like mine! To save on the trees, I try to buy cards made of recycled paper.

The most important thing we recommend is when selecting, packaging, and sending or giving your gift, do it with Intention. In Feng Shui, we say, Intention is everything. It is the thing that makes it special and magical.

Everyday Feng Shui. It's all right here.

Please feel free to share any insights or ideas you have. I would love to hear from you!


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