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Taking a Pause

Updated: May 7, 2021

Today I was going to talk about looking at the living room, and family time together. We all have been homebound, often with our extended families, for almost three months -- some maybe more -- and the mandate to stay home is being lifted by state, region, and city. And slowly or not so slowly, people are coming out of their homes and being together in ways that have not been possible for quite some time. And one of the ways has been in protest.

Today, however, I want to pause to honor George Floyd as he is being remembered and laid to rest in Houston, where his life is being celebrated and he is being sent home.

We are citizens of the world and on a larger scale, our home is our neighborhood, city, state, country, and the world.

We need to find a way to heal. And it starts at home. It starts with creating space in ourselves and our hearts to make room for love, compassion, and allowing differences. Having space where we can speak the truth, honestly have conversations, invite in different points of view, ways of life, and thinking. By having a conversation that's difficult but coming from love, you can transform it.

You can also take part in healing by how you arrange your space. By being willing to go to the dark corner and remove clutter that blocks energy and feelings, you can see what's really going on. By removing things that block the entryway of your home and by removing feelings and relationships that block the entryway to your heart, you can invite in love and compassion.

Our homes and our beings are sacred spaces. By creating peace inside ourselves, we create peace in our home, and we carry that into the world. The ripple effect of change. It starts with you.

#EverydayFengShui. It's all right here.

With all my heart,

Peace, love, blessings, Kate

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