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Your Workspace is No Longer a Cubicle

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Today we’re all about working at home. This is not a new concept, and many people have worked remotely from home over the years either as an agreed-upon arrangement with their employer for one or more days at home because, e.g., they need to drop off or pick up their kids. Or on an as-need-be basis when they have a sick child at home, and they are the one that needs to give care. What’s new is we’re now all homebound due to the COVID-19, whether we are a worker or not, and have young or adult children, or not. And that could mean for some of us one or more adults are working remotely, with school-age children being homeschooled or attending classes remotely, including college students who may have been away at school and are now home as well. This use of our homes is a whole new challenge that we have not seen before. However, as stated in the article in Thrive Global, “Thriving From Home in the New Normal”, by Arianna Huffington, Jennifer Morgan, and Ryan Smith, “the coronavirus crisis has changed the ways we work and live" and "affects every aspect of our lives -- our health, families, careers, finances”. This way of life is becoming the new normal. What this raises is where to work at home, how to work, and for people with children how to support our kids in their homeschooling or remote learning now that our workspace and school are in our homes. The long-time dilemma of creating work-life balance has just taken on a whole new dimension. I know most of us are figuring it out as we transition in our new way of life. Today I would like to offer some tips for working from home that I hope will help relieve some of the stress and increase focus and productivity. In future posts, I will offer suggestions for home-schooling and balancing it all in the home.

Home Office or Workspace - For those who already have an office or workspace at home, here are the key Feng Shui principles for creating a healthy and supportive working space:

  • Desk and Computer - It’s important for the desk to face the main door of the room or area, if possible, with your back to a wall. This creates a sense of confidence and security.

  • Chair - The key is the proper height. This is important in avoiding injury to your wrists or back. No opening between the back of the chair and the set to ensure proper support, both physically and psychologically.

  • Lighting - Good lighting is important; natural light is best.

  • Clearing clutter - Organize your paperwork, label files, and place in drawers except when you are working with files. The only work on your desk is what you are currently working on. This clarity produces focus and productivity.

Shared Space - For those who don't have a home office or the space to create one, use the same principles above with the following modifications:

  • You can work at your dining room or the kitchen table, using a supportive chair and ideally position yourself facing the main door or entry to the room or space. Once you are done for the day, put your computer, and work away.

Bedrooms are for rest and restoration, and under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to do work in your bedroom. However, during these unusual times, some people may only have a studio apartment or a bedroom to work in, so use the principles of working in a shared space.

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) - Be mindful that all our electronic equipment emits EMF. It is especially important to limit the amount of EMF in your bedroom, where it impacts your sleep. With the increase of people working at home, the amount is further increased and can affect you and your family, especially children, adding to higher stress and anxiety levels. Where possible, please turn it off when not using it, and at night eliminate or limit what is in the bedroom to a digital clock as far away from the bed as possible.

I invite you to share what you have done in photos or text and how it feels. And please, if you have other ideas, do share! #EverydayFengShui. It's all right here. With love and blessings for success! Kate


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